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Bring The Love Back Campaign

Bring the Love Back Campaign's goal is to forge a nationwide commitment by people  acting individually and together to prevent violence and build safer, healthy, more caring communities. 


Our work includes:


  • “Bring The Love Back”  and "Play It Kool" public service advertising (PSA) campaigns.


  • An inclusive network of citizens, professionals, and organizations who implement youth serving programs at the grass root level.


  • High-quality educational materials of all types including curriculum, booklets, brochures, program kits, music, and posters.


  • Demonstration programs that involve schools, youth, and community groups that test theories in the everyday world and provide knowledge vital to effective violence prevention and community building.


  • Training for national, state, and local violence prevention practitioners, community leaders, schools, youth groups, and other key members of the community.


  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta – 98 affiliates in 39 states, and federal, state, and local organizations committed to violence prevention.


  • In the Kool Zone Health & Safety System educational products and programs that help reinforce important violence prevention messages.

That Tight 32 Powered by DJ Bill E. Kool

The National Bring the Love Back Campaign has partnered up with Atlanta's renown Patchwerk Recording Studios and Dallas Austin Foundation to announce the 2019 "That Tight 32 on Thursday" high school competition. 


Patchwerk, is well known throughout the industry for their extensive work with platinum selling artist including Young Jezzy, Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Sting, Annie Lennox, Ludacris, T.I., Akon, Rick Ross, 50 cent, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg.


What is That Tight 32 on Thursday!?


That Tight 32 is a unique song writing competition, where all participants receive the exact same beat and are challenged to write and record a verse to it before the contest Deadline.  The artist that submits the best song will:


  • Be selected by music industry leaders

  • Record at Patchwerk recording Studios

  • Perform live at a BTLB Pop-up Conceert




Will your song be selected for the $1,500 prize package......

BTLB Pop-up Concert Series

The "Bring The Love Back" Pop-up Concert Series is a cutting edge, anti-destructive behavior school / recreation center assembly program that appeals to students, teachers, and parents alike.


BTLB Pop-up Concert Series' focus is to bring the message of the "No Use" position to underage drinking, drug use, violent behavior, impaired driving and destructive decisions in an interactive, entertaining and inspiring format.


BTLB Pop-up Concert Series can be divided into three distinct parts:

  • Assembly

  • Classroom Session

  • Ongoing research / training

Make it Happen in Your Community!

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