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The "BTLB Pop-up Concert Series” is a cutting-edge, anti-destructive behavior school assembly program that appeals to students, teachers and parents alike.


BTLB Pop-up Concert Series' goal is to bring the message of the "No Use" position to underage drinking, bullying, drug use, impaired driving and destructive decisions in an interactive, entertaining and inspiring format.


Bring the Love Back Tour® can be divided into three distinct parts:

  • Assembly

  • Classroom Session  

  • Ongoing research / training.



BTLB Assembly

      50-minute live presentation.

  • Giveaways, from t-shirts to prizes, designed to draw youth and community leaders to participate in the forum.

  • A live performance with music, positive lyrics and a cutting edge sound.

  • State-of-the-art video, lighting and sound.

  • A powerful speaker who delivers a positive motivational message in an entertaining way.

  • Appearance/ MC by Radio Station On-Air Personality.

  • Question / Answer segment allowing the students & teachers to voice their concerns and opinions.



Classroom Session

  • Optional part of the middle/high school program, but highly recommended by teachers and community leaders.

  • Students will explore diversity, to recognize the potential and talents of all people, and engage collectively in the work of justice.

  • Reflect on how individual and group actions leverage or hinder justice.

  • Highly personal interaction with students.


Ongoing Research, Training, and Outreach

  • Tracking youth trends through news stories, surveys, and statistical reports.

  • Researching solutions to problems by surveying public health professionals, parents, community leaders and youth.

  • Developing and providing campaign support materials (PSA’s, brochures, billboards, posters, contest, etc.).

  • The BTLB Campaign "LiveKOOL Training Camp".

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