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The "In the Kool Zone" model for school-based community collaboration combines Public Health methodology with Social Marketing theory to provide:


  • Communications networks for service providers

  • An effective and relevant education / awareness campaign

  • An Education and awareness support system

  • A research-based service delivery model


The focus of the In the Kool Zone Health & Safety System is to create partnerships where arts, business, social services, athletic and other youth oriented agencies work with schools and families to teach and nurture the integration of  the Kool Zone concepts into the lives of young people.


We believe that is it is only through strong community collaborations that we, as a society, will be able to create these safe havens, which we call The Kool Zone.  These Kool Zones are essential to supporting the growth and well being -not to mention the physical safety - of our young people.  To be successful, these collaborations must involve all segments of our society - each of which brings a unique perspective and critical skills required to create a dynamic and positive society.  The right to grow up in a safe and secure environment which supports positive personal exploration, learning and self-expression must become the birth right of all children.


Kool Zone /’kul ‘zon/ n. 1.  An area designated for positive activities

                                            2.  A safe place to have fun


A Kool Zone can be designated almost anywhere.


There are four - Rulz of Kool - that make Kool Zone successful.  They are:

No Cussin’

No Fussin’

No Weapons

No Drugs

In The Kool Zone Health & Safety System
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