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National Community Partnership (NCP) is a nationally-recognized public health, market research and social-marketing agency that specializes in developing cost-effective, cutting-edge and culturally relevant messages for hard-to-reach, at-risk and underserved audiences.  NCP is headquartered in Atlanta, with satellite projects in Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia.  NCP has its origins in 1997, when Senior Managing Director Nathan Waters created and developed the “In theKool Zone” safe haven model to meet the challenges of youth violence prevalent in Fulton County, GA.   While serving as the Program Manager for the Fulton County Youth Violence Prevention Initiative, Waters reflected on how hip-hop urban youth were consistently left out of mainstream intervention messages dealing with social, health, education and economic issues.


NCP works with the four pillars of the community - the Church, the Family, the School, and the Government to develop systems, implement short and long term projects and provide information, training and technical services to support these projects.


Our mission is to provide our participants with technical support services and community-building  strategies that when effectively applied improve the daily living standards of our target audience.  We are committed to partnering with schools, agencies, and community organizations to identify and confirm opportunities to live safe and healthy lifestyles.


We believe the new and innovative systems once introduced to the communities we engage with, provide measurable & viable solutions that positively impact the rebuilding of successful 21st century communities.




National Community Partnership is an Atlanta based non-profit (501c3) organization that combines Community Transformation Solutions, Transitional Learning Systems, Outreach Strategies and Training. 

  • NCP has produced and implemented a wide array of results-oriented social-marketing projects for hard-to-vulnerable, at-risk audiences, in both urban and rural settings.

  • NCP's partners list includes more than 30 public and private sector organizations nationwide, including:  federal, state and city governments; colleges and universities; large and small non-profits; foundations; hospitals/health systems; corporations and entertainment companies.

  • NCP creates new and innovative solutions that positively impact the challenging problems that plague urban and other underserved communities.




  • Executing Behavior Change Intervention

  • Reducing & Addressing Health & Social Disparities

  • Advocating for Diversity & Systems Changes

  • Producing Culturally Relevant Communications

  • Eliminating Stigmas

  • Sharing Knowledge & Skills

  • Empowering Communities




  • “Bring The Love Back” and "Play It Kool" public service advertising (PSA) campaigns.

  • An inclusive network of citizens, professionals, and organizations who implement youth serving programs at the grass root level.

  • High-quality educational materials including curriculum, booklets, brochures, program kits, music, and posters.

  • Demonstration programs that involve schools, youth, and community groups that test theories in the everyday world and provide knowledge vital to effective violence prevention and community building.

  • Training for national, state, and local violence prevention practitioners, community leaders, schools, youth groups, and other key members of the community.

  • Urban League of Greater Atlanta – 89 affiliates in 39 states, and federal, state, and local organizations committed to violence prevention.

  • In the Kool Zone Health & Safety System educational products and programs that help reinforce important violence prevention messages.

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