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Children's Bill of Rights, 2020

GUIDING PRINCIPLES OF "Bring The Love Back" Campaign

All children, regardless of race, color or creed, possess certain birthrights. This bill of rights, established in 1959, serves as the guiding principles for BTLB Campaign. Each and every child has the right to:

1. Affection and intelligent guidance of understanding parents or guardians.
2. Be raised in a decent home with adequate food, clothing, and shelter.
3. The benefits for religious guidance and training.
4. A school program which, in addition to sound academic training, offers maximum
    opportunity for individual development and preparation for living.
5. Receive constructive discipline for the proper development of good character, conduct and habits.
6. Security in the community against all influences detrimental to proper and wholesome development.
7. Individual selection of free and wholesome recreation.
8. Live in a community in which adults practice the belief that the welfare of their children is of primary importance.
9. Receive good adult example.
10. A job commensurate with ability, training and experience and protection against physical or moral employment             hazards which adversely affect wholesome development.
11. Early diagnosis and treatment of physical handicaps and mental and social maladjustment, at public expense                 whenever necessary.

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